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Conference aims to open dialogue between the private and public sectors

Fri, 2017-12-01 15:06 -- admin

“Real Estate Sector, Basis for Economic Growth,” the two-day conference, was held by the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon, under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Discussed Lebanon’s real estate history and difficulties facing the sector, as well as trends and opportunities for the future, such as improvements in infrastructure and private-public partnerships.

The aim of the conference, said Wissam Moussa, president of the syndicate, is “to open dialogue between the private and public sectors and protect the sector in this delicate time from politics.”


Lebanon’s real estate market has long been a point of pride for the country, whose post-war recovery was largely measured by massive real estate projects that ignited other sectors, such as banking, retail and tourism. For nearly three decades, building prices steadily climbed, even during periods of political instability, such as the 2006 war and the 2008 political crisis.

But the past three years or so have seen a combination of difficulties, with the continuation of the war in Syria, a stagnant national government.


Nevertheless, some believe this current “correction” in Lebanon’s real estate market could be an opportunity to boost the sector.


Although most speakers and participants seemed to have faith in the strength and stability of Lebanon’s real estate and banking sectors, some were more cautiously optimistic.


Some real estate developers used the conference as an opportunity to voice their concerns to public sector representatives about the tax hikes and the sector needs more incentives to grow again.

The atmosphere of the conference was generally optimistic and forward-looking.


The forum ended by distributing certificates of the fall 2017 of real estate brokerage course “ R.E.A.L” hosts two times a year at American university of Beirut.