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Best quality of life? Head for Portugal

Wed, 2018-01-10 12:14 -- admin

InterNations, the leading network and guide for expats in 390 cities worldwide, recently published its 2017 index of best countries to live in the world for quality of life, with Portugal shooting to the top spot. Based on the answers of 12,500 expats, who were quizzed on subjects that include leisure options, travel and transport, health and well-being, safety and security, as well as personal happiness, Portugal rose an incredible 13 places from the year before to take the leading position. Following it in second place was last year’s winner Taiwan, with Portugal’s neighbour Spain taking third ranking. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 in reverse order with the reasons for their success:

1. Portugal — Storming the top spot with a rise of 13 places year-on-year, Portugal can thank its popularity in the Leisure category (second worldwide) for its 2017 victory. The country also scored highly for Health & Well-being (ninth globally), as well as for its peacefulness and travel & transport. As one survey respondent summed it up, “This is a gem of a country hiding in plain sight.”

2. Taiwan — Despite falling from its first place in 2016, Taiwan still impressed thanks to its top-ranking Health & Well-being and its sixth place globally for Travel & Transport.

3. Spain — For its spot in third place, Spain can thank its high score in the Leisure category (first in the world) and Personal Happiness (sixth globally).

4. Singapore — Singapore powered its way up the rankings in 2017 by four spots, thanks to its excellence in Travel & Transport (in first place globally), and Safety & Security.

5. Czech Republic — Although not a high scorer in some categories, the Czech Republic’s excellent feedback for Travel & Transport (fourth in the world) won it its place at number five.

6. Japan — Japan is yet another country to fall in the rankings in 2017, dropped from 3rd to 6th place, but was still ranked highly for its Safety & Security, Health & Well-Being, and Travel & Transport.

7. Austria — Although Austria slipped slightly on its feedback in this year’s survey, it remained in high favour for its Health & Well-Being (ranked second in the world) and its Travel & Transport.

8. Switzerland — What expats love about Switzerland is Safety & Security (for which it ranked first in the world), as well as its Travel & Transport (for which it came third globally).

9. Costa Rica — Costa Rica managed to retain its place in the Top 10 but slipped down the rankings slightly based on other countries performing more strongly.

10. Germany — Germany earned its spot in the Top 10 based on its high score for Travel & Transport (for which it came 5th in the world) and Health & Well-Being.

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